+c: killian jones;  

+c: killian jones;  

OUAT Rewatch
↳ 2x06 - Tallahassee

+c: emma swan;  

OUATIW appreciation week | day three
favourite non-romantic pairing: cyrus & anastasia

+c: red queen;  c: cyrus;  

Show some respect! It’s “Your Majesty”.

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 ouat meme
 [2/10] characters: Killian Jones
+c: killian jones;  


After everything you’ve learned about me, after everything I’ve done… why haven’t you given up on me?

+c: belle french;  c: rumpelstiltskin;  s: rumbelle;  


What about this? Is this magical?

Not exactly. But it is a liquid that can conjure courage, give strength, or even act as a love potion of sorts. It’s called whisky, and no, it’s not magical. Especially the next day.

+c: regina mills;  c: robin hood;  s: outlaw queen;  

Look, I’ve got two hands! © 

+noooooo;  p: colin oʻdonoghue;  

I wish Emma had more reasons to smile.
- Jennifer Morrison
+c: emma swan;  c: killian jones;  s: captain swan;